Long before Barbershops became the current rage in Men's Style & Fashion, we had the honor of being the caretakers of this symbol of your masculinity.  We had the privilege of tending to your Grandfathers & we had the intimacy of seeing sons grow into becoming fathers. Through the many long days of hearing the humming of our clippers, through the weeks hair stuck in our aprons, the years of sharpening our scissors and the decades long scent of talc powder mixed with shave cream, we now try to preserve this tradition that has become trend.


For nearly a decade now, we have administered our professional Barber services to you while adhering to every traditional sanitary standard set forth by the NY State Board Of Health. 


Since our doors first opened almost a decade ago, both of our shops have been thoroughly cleaned & sanitized every 72 hours. ALL of the Licensed Barbers that we choose to work with MUST have successfully passed the NY State mandated course on “the transmission of contagious diseases & the proper methods of sanitation & sterilization.” 


In being a Professional Barbershop, MadMen has always made it our top priority to provide each of our clients with the best environment possible. 


Our sanitary protocols have recently been inspected and have firmly passed with “No Violations” found. Our responsibility is cleanliness always. Not just in crisis. 


With both style & safety; We Are Your Barbers.