.Noir. Series Shave Set.

.Noir. Series Shave Set.



It was a blistering night in the city that Monday. July 1926. I came home from the butcher shop to find my husband grooming himself for his night out. It was a bit odd. Who was he trying to impress at Monday night poker? So I did some investigating. And, to my surprise, there lay a receipt from MadMen & Co.

The receipt read; 1 Shave Brush & 1 Matte Black Razor. Skeptical and alarmed, I questioned my husband as he dragged the cream filled brush across his 5’oclock shadow. Before I could finish, he slapped me across the face and informed me that it was not my concern. "Not your business" he said as he turned back to the mirror to complete his shave. He looked so dapper. His hair so sleek, pomped with a side part. His face freshly shaven. That razor left not a single nick.

I couldn't possibly let him leave the house looking this way. I had no choice but to kill him. I thought, if I cant have him, no one could. I ran and grabbed his shotgun that he kept hidden behind the laundry room door. Heart racing, palms sweating, I quietly snuck into the bedroom where he sat tying his wingtip shoes. 

BANG. I shot him twice. Once in the leg and once in the chest. The sheets stained red. I kept his face untouched because he looked so strikingly handsome. I took his fedora and placed it on my head as I dragged his limp body into the dining room. As he lie there cold, I began to season the chops that I intended to make for dinner. Poured myself a glass of whiskey, turned on the radio and cooked for my husband. 

.NOIR. Series Shave Set. Includes our Antique Safety Razor & Satin Shave Brush. Always Gift Wrapped & Never Shipped With A Receipt.

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