.NOIR. Safety Razor.

.NOIR. Safety Razor.


.A Gift & A Curse.

It was the summer of 1901. Something about the heat always gets my rage going. The strong sun. My burning skin. The sweat. I was out shopping when I stumbled across a new item. The salesman called it a “Safety Razor”. I knew that men always shaved with a straight razor. But this was new. I hated that cheating son of a bitch, but I thought I would surprise him. His looks always went to his head. He had a face of a statue and a heart to go with it. Stone cold.

My walk home was torturous. Those heals. That sun. The fury is consuming. I finally got home. Tossed the bags aside as I hear a far moan. There he was. Out in the yard with his secretary. The rage. The heat. The fury. The anger. I ran in and rummaged through the bags. I find the razor. I ran out in a haze and attacked his face. To my sorrow, nothing happened except some vanishing stubble. That new Safety Razor eliminated nicks and was designed for a safer shave…If only I had known! Now I sit here in jail sharing my story with you. Next time I’ll use a straight razor.

.NOIR. Disposable Blade Safety Razor. A Classic In Wet Shaving Since 1901. A Three Piece Stainless Steal Body Makes For The Perfect Weight To Slice Through His Shadow. Matte Black. Gift Wrapped In Solitary.

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