NOIR. Shave Brush.

NOIR. Shave Brush.


My husband was the man with the over grown, un-groomed beard. I think he loved that hair more than me. Now I’m not saying I don’t admire a man with a beard, it’s just that he didn’t wear it well. It wore him.

Valentine’s Day 1928. I ran into a Barbershop called MadMen & Co. So elegant. So rugged. It was everything. I picked up a few new items for my husband. What stood out most to me was their Noir Shave Brush. Soft bristles. Curved black handle with Silver trim.

Shortly after, I returned home and I slipped into my lingerie. As I stared dinner he came into the kitchen and slid his hands around my waste. I tease and taunt. He couldn’t have me until I had his face. My plan works. I sat him down on the cold metal chair and began to cut his beard short. I must get a clean shave.

I got out his shaving cream and began to whip it into a smooth lather using the new Brush. I watched as the cream clung to every hair. Every bristle of it danced. The softness of the brush proved true as I aggressively swirled it onto the stubble of his face. We both go limp. The lustrous handle in my hand. The hair of the brush on his face. It was magical. I burnt dinner that night. And that brush became legendary in our home.

.Noir. Shave Brush. Our Non-Absorbent Taklon Bristles Make For A Clean Traditional Shave. One That Thickens Lather, Softens Facial Hair & Exfoliates His Skin. Gift Wrapped While Putting Out A Kitchen Fire.

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