.CUT. Throat. Straight Razor.

.CUT. Throat. Straight Razor.


August, 1902.  I've been locked up for a little over a year now. The food is dreadful, but they allow me to receive some fan mail. Excellent stories from battered women from around the country. One woman's letter stood out the most. It reads as follows:

Dear Florence,

My name is Helene and I'm from New York City.  I read your story in the paper last summer and you truly inspired me. I too, was married to a bastard. I became so enraged after one evening of lies and abuse. I walked into MadMen & Co to buy my him a Hot Towel Shave and a death sentence. I paid the Barber a little extra to “accidentally” slit my husbands throat from ear to ear.  Luckily for me, the MadMen & Company’s 'Cut Throat Straight Razor' really lives up to its name.  I've never seen his face so clean and crisp than the night he lay in his casket. After this letter reaches you I will already be on the run, a purse filled with Gift Cards for any “future problems”….



PS: Their Noir Series Cut-Throat Straight Razor Is Blade Replaceable. Unrivaled In Stability And Balance, It’s Bespoke Handle Is Constructed Of Reclaimed Torched-Till -Black Wood. Performs Only With Half Of A Double Edge Razor. Please, No Strops. Gift Wrapped, Smuggled And On Its Way To You…

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