.Whiskey Wax. Pomade

.Whiskey Wax. Pomade


It was 1920 when the nation became dry. Prohibition they called it. A depressing time for most.  My brother Johnny was a runner in the mob, here in Chicago. So I was always surrounded by the illegal. 

This is where my story begins.  It was only about a month into this new ban on booze that I decided to get in on something new. Johnny had an abandoned building behind the Barbershop he frequented, MadMen & Co.

Gin was my racket. I convinced Johnny one night that since I was an excellent drinker that we should make a go at Bootlegging. I began making Gin and selling it to Blind Tigers and Speakeasys across the North Side. I used MadMen's Whiskey Wax Pomade as a cover.

Men always looked so handsome leaving MadMen. Always so busy, there were guys getting haircuts seven days a week. All traditional hairstyles, pomps, side-parts and undercuts. All of them styled with this Whiskey Wax. The constant commotion was perfect for plotting. Shipments being delivered weekly Made In New York. Whiskey Wax. Above Average Hold. I gathered the crates and I hid small bottles in with the 4oz pomades. 

That Whiskey/Gin combo became so successful for us. In no time we smuggled it throughout the states.  A few years later we had a rat on our hands. Probably that Butcher shop down the block. And well, it was only a matter of time before the coppers caught onto us. I boxed the last of my gin and caught a train to New York.  

-Betty.  Chicago, 1920

Featuring a clean refreshing masculine scent with subtle hints of Whiskey & Lime, Whiskey Wax is perfect for those seeking Above Average Hold. While lasting all day, our private “water- soluble” recipe easily exits the hair in one washing. 40z. Gift Wrapped while “on the lamb”.

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