.Prohibition. Matte Finish.

.Prohibition. Matte Finish.


New York, 1922. A few years after things went dry. As a copper, this nationwide ban had its perks. More arrests on illegal production. 

While on duty, I strolled into MadMen & Co for my weekly shave. I laid back in the chair as my barber slathered warm shaving cream & a hot towel on my face. Using his cut-throat razor and gave me one of the closest shaves I've ever had. As he moved the chair back up, he suggested that this time he cut my hair. He had a new product , called Prohibition, that he said I was perfect for. 

As the cut came to a close, he began to comb and style. "How do you like Prohibition?, It's nice and dry isn't it?" We both laughed because of the bans influence on the product name. 

He explained that unlike their original Whiskey Wax, this pomade is a dry matte-finish for a more natural textured look. I stood from the chair and admired my new style in the mirror. He called it an "Undercut"  And in the mirror's reflection is where I saw her for the first time. Betty. Their new cashier girl. 

I adjusted my uniform, tipped my Barber and slowly walked up to pay at the counter. She was so beautiful but there was also fire in her eyes. 

Betty and I had dinner a few nights later. She got me to fall in love with her and then used me like that 4oz jar of Pomade. My heart ran dry. It turns out this woman was the cause of all gin production in New York. A bootlegger! She had a warehouse underneath the Barbershop, and hid bottles in pomade crates. Shipped them all over the states. National distributor. But I was too deep in love. I ended up her partner. I was now a dirty cop. 

Betty packed up and disappeared a year later. She left me high-and-dry with her mess and I was arrested the day after she left. Internal Affairs got me. Til this day, I don't know if she lured me in to leverage a copper on her side, or if she truly loved me. Heck, not even a pomade for the road....

4oz. Classic Hold. Dry Finish. Water-Soluable. Whiskey Lime Scent. For All Hairstyles. Gift Wrapped in protective custody. 

Regretfully Yours, Ex-Officer Malone

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