.Irish Whiskey. Pomade

.Irish Whiskey. Pomade


Three cities in three years.  

I started out smuggling my Gin in Pomade crates back in Chicago at Madmen & Co. I flew the coupe to New York when things got too hot under the collar. Found a city cop. I began dating the officer thinking that by luring him into the hood-side, I would have infinite protection. Boy was I wrong. Almost got caught by the badge. But almost don't count. 

1923, Dublin. Now here I am. No Barbershop front, no family, no booze.  

All I have is my experiences and street smarts. I found a chemist and an abandoned building on Dame Street here and did the only thing I knew how. I fell off the wagon and I started making pomade again. Again along with a side of Gin. 

I called it, Irish Whiskey. It had a High Shine Finish and a Strong Hold. The strongest hold because this was about to be the boldest phase in the business. I went to shops throughout the city and sold the product Barber to Barber to build up some seed money.

Met another powerful man with the spine of a jellyfish. I manipulated him just like the last in New York. We greased a few palms together and before I knew it I had thousands of 4oz Jars of Irish Whiskey Pomade being exported stateside weekly. My old contacts back home still thirsty for my Water Based formula. 

Not only did my customers have the best Pomps & Side Parts in the Colonies...but their women drank the best Gin. 

Never too sweet, Betty~

Featuring a clean refreshing masculine scent with subtle hints of Whiskey & Lime our Irish Whiskey is perfect for those seeking STRONG HOLD. While lasting all day, our private “water- soluble” recipe easily exits the hair in one washing. Designed for all men’s traditional hairstyles, pomps of all heights, side-parts and undercuts. 4oz.

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